Katrina Pitman California Review


Our company for the last 8years help families get approved for Luxury Apartments. We use our Credit and financials to secure the unit and Katrina Pitman who was working for Bank of America approached our company and We Co-Signed for her and got her keys despite her past credit situations. After just a few months we got a call from the apt that Ms Pitman stopped paying rent and she was squatting in the unit. The apt did what they had to do and they evicted her. During the process Ms Katrina Pitman left thousands of dollars of damages to the unit. DO NOT RENT TO HER FOR ANY REASON. WE SENT HER TO COLLECTIONS AND WE ARE CONTACTING HER EMPLOYER TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT TYPE OF DEAD BEATS THEY HAVE WORKING FOR THEM. NO ONE SHOULD BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE LIKE THIS WHEN WE HELPED HER WHEN HER OWN FAMILY DIDNu2019T STEP UP AND CO-SIGN FOR HER AND NOW WE KNOW WHY!!KATRINA Pitman Dead Beat Renter. She will squat and take advantage of the system. She claims to be a business analyst but she cannot pay rent!! This is her information below. Email me I have photos of the destruction this Dead Beat left behind for others to pay for. Katrina Pitman as a business analyst make sure you put down do not get involved with Katrina Pitman or you will lose money!!!Katrina * Last Name Applicant 1Pitman * State IssuedNorth Carolina * Current Address8721 Prosser Way Unit #103 * CityCharlotte * StateNorth Carolina * Zip Code28216 * Email [email protected] Home Phone9808198503 * Cell Phone9808198503 * Living StatusSingle * Do You Have Any Pets?Yes Employment Information* Employer Name (Applicant 1)Apex * Employer City (Applicant 1)Virginia * Employer Zip Code (Applicant 1)23060 * Current Position (Applicant 1)Business Analyst * Work Phone (Applicant 1)7043833283 * Employer Contact Number for Verification (Applicant 1)7045216100 * Employment Start Date (Applicant 1)07/27/2015 * Gross Monthly Income $ (Applicant 1)8147 * Additional Monthly Income $ (Applicant 1)0

**** ****** *** charlotte, USA


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