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I was sadly referred to this doctor for surgery. Much to my surprise and dismay this doctor demanded that I pay a substantial deposit despite the fact that he had yet to perform the surgery, or even bill my Insurance Company, who would ultimately determine my financial obligation. To further aggravate the situation, this so called doctor had one of his staff members call me the day before surgery, threatening to cancel the surgery if I did not bring a check to the office, knowing full well that I had begun taking the pre-op medication and could not leave the house. Fast forward three months; the surgery was totally botched but this so called doctor has since billed and been paid all that he is going to receive for his so called services from me and my Insurance Company, who ultimately determined that my financial obligation was far less than the amount that he demanded from me. I have made a written and verbal request for the difference in money that I paid and have been giving the total run around. There is no excuse for this! How dare a doctor be allowed to strong arm a patient into paying money that he was not entitled to and did not earn and now refuse to give it back. I will write and call every day until I get back my hard earned money. It wasn’t enough that this so called doctor completely altered my life, now he wants to rob me of my money too! .

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