Kawanis McDowell Cincinnati, Ohio Ohio


So this nasty home wrecking bitch, originally from Atlanta, Georgia now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio grew up with my husband and I guess they have been in touch via Facebook, I don’t know how long. I had a feeling that my dumb ass husband was up to his old tricks, so I broke into his phone just to check. †Lo and behold I see all of the messages between them! He was telling her to go to the doctorís and check what’s up, because his wife (me) has contracted a yeast infection. || I confronted my husband and he had nothing to say, not even sorry. Mind you I’m six months pregnant and he is not even remorseful about putting his unborn child in harmís way. Luckily it wasn’t aids/HIV or STD! I am not blaming her alone but she knew about me and she had/has a man! I’m so happy to say after finding out I can finally move on to better and newer life and these two nasty no good dumb asses can have each other! KAWANIS MCDOWELL CLOSE YOUR F**KING LEGS!!

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