Kaylynn Cover destroys marriages and is a home wrecker


Kaylynn Cover is seriously out to destroy any marriage she sees. She knows me. She knows that my husband and I have kids. But that didn’t stop her from doing any of the things she did. She sent him nude pictures of herself. And she made up a story about how she had insulin problems from her infancy, and how she had to take shots. But later, she forgot and said she didn’t take shots. She can’t even get her lies straight!
When my husband and she were on a business trip, she went over to his room and then stayed there. She said her insulin levels were low so she didn’t want to exert herself. Then she let my husband touch her. When he tried to get in her pants, she made a scene and said he was forcing himself on her. She’s filed sexual harassment complaint against him twice now. And all this is after she talks openly about sex with her co-workers. She flaunts her stuff, flirts wildly, but she will play the victim at a moment’s notice. She was the one who said maybe when my husband asked her if she wanted to see what a real man was like!!!
God only knows how many STDs she’s carrying around and spreading.

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