KBS-MENA yonkers New York Review


A wolf hidden in sheeps clothing. Charles Ray Robertson, the owner of KBS-MENA. nWe were presented KBS-MENA, a corporation in South Carolina,USA. Advertised and promised capable to develop, deliver, and install construction solutions. We were promised everything; our first suspicion, then the extraordinary high initial contract payment, then the contract, it appeared almost legitimate; however, we discovered a secret clause which would put us at significant financial risk and serious legal risk. Its not a legit business; its a one man operating out of his South Carolina house. We paid for full background report. This man apparently has had multiple corporations over the last 15 yrs, all bankrupt, all with lawsuits. He takes payments, never delivers, and dissolves business, with the lag in legal recourse, he is able to scam under the same business name for more than a year. Do not do business with this Man! He will steal your money. I cant believe USA allows corrupt people likenthis to continue doing business. If this was in my country he would have been tried and sentenced harsely his first offense. And KBS-MENA is a registered fictious business name in the State of Florida. nFollowing links show some of the evidence from background investigations. nKBS-MENA and KBS are fictious names registered to Kingfisher Steel. Kingfisher Steel is a registered corporation in Florida owned by Charles Robertson, Charles Robertson is also the owner of Metal Forming Technologies, Team Nova, Whitepoint Homes, Carolina Steel Framing Alliance, Steel Homes Construction Management, SteelnHomes International, Safe Harbour Building Systems, Rocket Walls, Great Walls. nKBS-MENA: www.sunbiz.org/scripts/ficidet.exe?action=DETREG&docnum=G12000104652&rdocnum=G12000104652 nKBS: www.sunbiz.org/scripts/ficidet.exe?action=DETREG&docnum=G12000104815&rdocnum=G06348900144 nKINGFISHER STEEL LLC: sunbiz.org/pdf/40697028.pdf www.ripoffscams.com/builders-contractors/kingfisher-steel-llc/kingfisher-steel-llc-charles-c2bc2.htm www.ripoffscams.com/builders-contractors/charles-robertson-ki/charles-robertson-kingfisher-9m843.htm www.ripoffscams.com/charles-ray-robertso/wanted-criminals/summerville-south-carolina-15684.htm www.ripoffscams.com/builders-contractors/charles-robertson-sa/charles-robertson-safe-harbou-bc47b.htm nAlso check court records in Dorchester County, Volusia County, and Brevard County, for his name and names of his businesses.

104 Holly St. Summerville, South Carolina United States of America



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