KC Auto Gallery Review


I met Mike Stoll from KC Auto Gallery at a home show and they had a booth saying you could make some extra money by buying a car as a purchasing agent for this company and get a commission. It seemed simple and straight forward. I checked up on the company and didn’t find anything negative about them so I went ahead with this. In late Jan I purchased a Land Rover vehicle at the Manhattan Imported Cars Inc in Rockville, MD. They had a salesman, Dimitrios Balourdos who “knew” the situation and he got all the paperwork filled out. I didn’t realize I was going to have to have a loan in my name for this car as I was told that KC Auto Gallery would pay for the vehicle. The loan was put in my name and when I got back to the office Mike Stoll told me they would pay the vehicle off in 2-3 months and that would be that. They made payments and then missed some and stopped altogether in Sept of this year. Now the bank is chasing me up for this and when I inquired at the office they “didn’t know where the car was” and had no real answer as to when they would pay this off. Now no one in the company is answering any form of communication and there are many others who have been put in this same situation. If you experienced this please contact Mr Neary (who wrote the first report). They cannot get away with this and need to be brought to justice. .

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