K&C Budget Lot, L.L.C. Review


If you want great customer service from an honest person who loves his community and is concerned about children safety DON’T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!! STEVE WHITE THE OWNER ALLOWED HIS SON TO PUNCH MY TRUCK AFTER I NICELY ASKED HIM TO TELL HIS SON TO SLOW DOWN BC HE WAS GOING 90 MPH DOWN OUR ROAD WHICH OUR 4 YR OLD SON AND OTHER CHILDREN WERE PLAYING OUTSIDE, AS SOON AS I ASKED HE TOLD ME TO FUCK OFF AND THEN ALLOWED HIS SON TO PUNCH THE SIDE OF MY TRUCK, AFTER CALLING THE POLICE HE PROCEEDED TO LIE TO THE POLICE CLAIMING HE DIDN’T KNOW WHO DALTON WHITE WAS(HIS SON) AND THAT HE DIDN’T LIVE THERE. LATER THAT EVENING I WENT TO 7/11 FOR TEA AND STEVE WHITE, HIS WIFE, SON, AND DAUGHTER FOLLOWED ME UP THERE, PARKED AROUND MY TRUCK SO I COULDN’T LEAVE, AND THREATENED TO WHOOP MY A** FOR CALLING THE COPS i now have a $2000 dent in my new f150 and the cops did nothing bc he lied so now they dont believe mehorrible person and obviously raised his kids the same, i was concerned for my son and his young neighbor friends as well and steves son drives at ridiculous speeds around are nieghborhood all the time and he is going to kill a child one of these days….i cant beilieve as a parent if someone came to me claiming my child was endangering other children by driving like a maniac his car would be gone and he would be punished …….. .

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