Kellie Anne Haskell West Frankfort, Illinois Illinois


This is a nasty whore that is a receptionist at a local doctors office here in West Frankfort, Illinois. She has no morals in any way shape or form and she tries to portray herself on Facebook as a Christian women, but ladies you know that the devil disguises himself in many forms and in this case he is disguised as a fat whore receptionist hitting on married men she meets through her place of employment. || So this is what happen, my husband started going to the doctors office and because of our work schedules I wasn’t able to go with him and she saw this as an opportunity. She made contact with him through Facebook as she sent him a friend request. She started sending him private messages and at the time my job was very demanding and we didn’t have a lot of time off together so he just started talking to her. Well she asked him if they could start texting because Facebook took too long so they did. He told her he was married and she told him she knew but just wanted to talk that’s all. Ok yeah WTF she then started asking him to meet cause she just want to talk face to face and he said he tried to put it off but he started getting wrapped up in it. She knew how to play him and she was going to be successful and she never let up. He is to blame too he knew better and he regrets the choices he made. But he did in deed go meet her the first time in a church parking lot and like she told him ,she just wanted to sit and talk and that’s all they did. But then she wanted more and decided the next encounter they would f**k and they did. She kept asking too meet again and he said that he felt guilty about meeting her the first time and tried to end it but she told him she got a new phone and didn’t understand how it worked and asked if they could meet again so he could show her. So he said yeah and said that there was a road where he could meet her and that’s where it happened. He got there and she told him to get in her car and he did. Well she started the moment he shut the door and by now he was already too far in and went for it and when it was time to f**k her just bent her over the hood of her car and f**ked her like the whore she is on the side of the road bent over the hood. || This went on for 4 months meeting a couple times a month always meeting on the road and him f**king her like the dumb whore she is over the hood of her car. She would ask him to go a hotel but he didn’t want the relationship to go in that direction. She even said she would pay for the room. He said he felt guilt and wanted to end it but couldn’t because he didn’t want her to tell me. She sent him many nude photos of herself and she is so fat that she wrapped a towel around her fat gobby gut so he couldn’t see that part of her she just wanted him to see her fat tits. She tried to get him to leave me and he told her he would never leave me so she just tried harder. But one day I had his phone and she just happened to send a kik message to him but I didn’t get to read it cause he grabbed the phone out of my hand. We were with family so I didn’t want to start anything but by the time we got out to the truck he deleted everything. So he sort of came clean that day and he was sort of in shock like I was because his whole world just came crashing down on him as mine did too. || It took some time for him to come to realty with who he became but he did tell me everything. He regrets the decisions he made and we are working on making us better and stronger. He did say that the day I caught him was a good day and bad day all wrapped together, because it caused the affair to stop but it let me see him as someone he never wanted to be and it made him feel so ashamed for his decisions. She is a nasty whore and she goes after married men and heard she now has her claws in a new one. She wants money and that’s her thing.  She would tell my husband all time she didn’t know how she was going to pay her bills and he told her there were all kinds of programs out there to help her but it would make her mad because he just wouldn’t give her any money. || There is a reason why single men don’t want her and she knows it and that’s why she goes after married men. She did try going through a dating service and her quote under her name was”I thought I would try something different” yeah cause going after married men wasn’t panning out for the whore. But that didn’t work either so she is back to her same old tricks.. So ladies be careful this one is good at playing the game and has no remorse for her actions. All I can say is karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. Oh and by the way my husband changed doctors and that he did on his own cause he never wants contact with her again.  She even tried by sending him a voxter request one day and he showed me right away. She is a f**king nasty fat whore.

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