Kelly Anglin Trenton, Ohio Ohio


In April 2012 my husband and I were having issues. We have been together since we were 16. We got married at 21 and had our son at 23. We have been together for 10 years. My husband was hanging out with the wrong group of guys who he thought were his friends. Every weekend they were calling him to go out to the bars. I let him because he’s never given me any reason not to trust him. The first night he met our HW was at a local bar and grill. She is 45 and my husband and his friend were 25. She took his friend home the first night she met him. She has 2 daughters 19 and 20 that are home when she brings random men to stay at her house. || She began to run the bars with his group of friends. || His friend kept telling him how it was the best sex he ever had but said she was crazy and he didn’t want it again. She knew that my husband was married when she began to chase after him. She also knew that we had a 1 year old. The affair started because she played the slut card, made him feel like he got married young and missed out on a lot in life. She kept asking him to go to the strip clubs and he thought all this was sexy. All of this was happening while I was at home with our one year old. I put on weight after I had our child. This is no excuse for any man to cheat. She flaunted her fake tits all around him. || I told him to leave our home. He came begging back. I wanted our child to have both parents so I agreed to give it another shot. Now this HW stalks us and shows up every time were at the gym. She calls my work and hangs up to see if I’m working and then she drives by my house. This woman is ruining our lives and our marriage. She is crazy. She told him this has her such a mess that they won’t let her return to work until she gets help. She has put my family through too much to put into words. || Her husband left her for his secretary after 20 years of marriage so she turns around and does this to another family. She had slept with half the town. Ladies hide your husbands. She is the lowest kind of HW. The kind that doesn’t care if they are married with a family.

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