Kelly Despain Riddle Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky


I have been with my husband for ten years. We have four beautiful children between us and a good life. Then Kelly came into our lives. Mike started staying out all night coming home drunk … Going to work drunk and this is her way of life. She encouraged him to leave his kids behind and his family and live the party lifestyle …she has kids too. He lost his job drained our bank accounts while convincing Ms.Riddle he has this crazy wife that has just given him such a hard time. I followed him to bars in the worst parts of town and she always made sure she had a hotel lined up because she was married to. First mistake thinking they were smarter than me lol I busted every password found every location and bugged my house so conversations about convincing him to leave his kindergartener behind for her wonderful self. He gave up everything for a married skank from the end of town you don’t stay in after dark. || Moral of the story I made the money everything was in my name so joke on Kelly ….. He has no job … He’s homeless …. No bank accounts .. So now she’s made him into the deadbeat he always dreamed … She gets a text everyday from me informing her through verses and poems about reaping what you sow and adultery.  

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