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Complaint: Kelly’s Restaurant was once on its way to becoming a historical landmark in Long Beach, CA. All of the previous owners worked hard to build Kelly’s reputation as an exclusive fine-dining experience. Now, re-named Kelly’s of Naples and owned by Dave Davies, every person in or around the restaurant can feel the infestation of roaches creeping by. There are too many stories regarding poor dining experiences, and criminal activities in management. Every example can be found in reviews across the web. But here are a few bullet points: UNCLEAN – Infestation of roaches in plain view; roaches run across the bar. Linens are unwashed and reused. What else is being neglected? COLD FOOD – Kelly’s wishes to be fine-dining, however they CANNOT claim the title officially due to slow service, poor food handling, and persistently purchasing cheap products and selling to customers at premium prices. The audacity makes fools of all patrons. OVER-PRICED – Prices are more than Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris, but half the portions and service. DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES – Paid with bounced checks, majority of tips are withheld (a loophole in labor laws stating credit card tips can be withheld for up to a week by management). Dave Davies collects all the money, and gives BOUNCED CHECKS to employees and vendors. No wonder patrons experience slow, rude, and lewd service. CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES IN MANAGEMENT – Beginning with DAVE DAVIES who spends restaurant’s working capital on GOLDDIGGING WHORES, vacations, new Mercedes Benz S500, fine wine, and all other selfish luxuries rather than investing into quality products and service for the restaurant, Workers Comp, General Liability Insurance, Property Lease, or much needed quality vendor services. Furthermore, he neglects his own wife and 4 daughters. This leads to lower management committing selfish acts by stealing cash from the register, committing dirty activities after-hours in the restaurant on the same booths the patrons use, and overall lame work ethics and leadership. INCONSIDERATE NEIGHBOR – Kelly’s Restaurant has been a historical establishment on Naples island for decades. Previous owners supported neighboring businesses and kept a strong rapport with residents. Within 2 years of new management by DAVE DAVIES, Kelly’s has burned bridges with every respectful person left on Naples. Local residents avoid Kelly’s like the plague. Kelly’s is now inviting large numbers of Groupon deal-hunters from neighboring cities in order to APPEAR BUSY. Unfortunately, for the deal-hunters, they are in for a waste of gas, time, and money. And now the local residents are competing with out-of-towners for serverely limited parking. THE LIST GOES ON. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT IN KELLY’S RESTAURANT UNDER DAVE DAVIES’S MANAGEMENT.

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Address: 5716 East 2nd Street Long Beach, California USA


Phone: (562) 433-4983

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