Ken Schapiro


Delays meetings and is never available on call. 

I hired Ken Schapiro last year but I didn’t think he would be a lazy crook. That guy is never available for meetings and whenever I would give him a call he either  rejected it or let it go to the answering machine. 

Ken is the president of Condor Capital. He also runs Backend Benchmarking with Courtside Racquet Club. I never found a helpful review about Ken or Condor Capital and I ended up wasting a lot of time and money on those guys. I wish my review will help some people in avoiding this terrible service provider.

Ken Schapiro always arrives late to meetings

It was really painful to work with Ken. 

I am a busy man and I don’t like to waste my time. For our first meeting Ken didnít show up instead I met his subordinates and colleagues. It’s felt a little disrespectful but I didn’t mind it that much. Another issue was when Ken had an appointment with me. He was supposed to  meet me at my office but he arrived an hour late. I had waited for him for 30 minutes but when I realised he wasn’t coming I went away to meet someone else.

On another occasion, Ken showed up 45 minutes late to a meeting and started claiming that he had arrived on time. According to him, I was the one who arrived way too early and he knew the exact time of the meeting. I realised that moment what a big mistake I had made by hiring that lunatic. 

After that I only met him once. I had gone to his office to meet him but he was not there. It felt very disrespectful because he had requested me for that meeting. So for him to be absent was really frustrating. 

I waited in his  office for an hour and then left because I realised he wouldn’t come. 

Never Picks up the Phone

Now that I have discussed his attitude towards client meetings let me elaborate on his phone call ethics. 

Ken Schapiro never picks up his calls. Whenever I called him I would never get to talk to the guy. I never understood why he did this but it was another painful and irritating thing. At first he would pick up my call on a whim but for some reason he got lazy and started avoiding phone calls. 

So whenever I wanted to talk to my financial advisor I would have to set an appointment with him because he would never be available on call. And as I have already stated in my review Ken behaves terribly in meetings. So there was no way for me to avoid meeting him. 

Moreover it feels really humiliating when you are paying someone to be your advisor but the person can’t even receive your calls. That is why I got rid of his services. I couldn’t tolerate this arrogant behaviour any further. 

Ken Schaprio is the founder of Condor Capital and has the CFA certification, which stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. He founded Condor in 1988 and I believe due to his age or ego, he has degraded tremendously. Ken mightíve been a good service provider a few decades ago, but now, he is just a lazy and arrogant man who doesnít like to talk on the phone. Itís really inconvenient to work with someone who doesnít pick up your calls. I run multiple companies and donít have the time to meet people everyday. I do most of my business through my phone so Kenís tendency of avoiding phone calls was a huge pain. 

Moreover, because Ken never showed up to meetings on time, I had to change my schedules multiple times. Itís very irritating to work with a lazy slob like Ken. I have met with some of his subordinates too because he prefers sending them at his place on first meetings. To be honest, I feel sorry for all those people who are still paying Ken for his services. I wish this review will open their eyes and alert anyone else looking for a finance advisor. 

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