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My heart goes out to you dear, as I encountered much the same. I am a gay male, and I was with my partner and our mutual friend when I came to visit Kendall Hyundai, ready to put down as much as possible to secure the used vehicle I saw online. I don’t have the motivation to put energy into this complaint, as I was so emotionally striken and verbally insulted that I’d rather not relive that day, but needless to say, after 4 hours, being told that WHILE I WAS WAITING FOR THE RESULTS OF MY CREDIT CHECK THAT IT HAD WENT DOWN SO FAR THEY COULDN’T APPROVE ME FOR MY QUOTE. Literally in the 20 minutes that it took for them to run my credit THE FOURTH TIME the quoted monthly payments went from 384 to 590 and my required deposit from 3,500 to 7,500… That’s half the price of the car haha.. Needless to say, I received multiple decline letters from the creditors because they had used incorrect information 3 different times while processing my application, not to mention the inability to spell my name correctly (you have a copy of my ID, give me a break). I had three different men, and a woman I spoke to originally for a few days on the phone flat out lie to me, attempt to bait and switch me, and then absolutely bash me up to the point of having to leave. I chose not to get mad and become angry, so I witheld my emotions until I returned to my friends vehicle at which point I had to cry. I have a bad temper and find it more appropriate to channel the rage I get when treated so horribly for (FOUR HOURS) into sadness in order to relieve myself. Two days later I went to another dealership, and within 90 minutes was driving a car. Thanks Kendall Hyundai for further reinforcing that South Florida was a horrible choice to relocate.

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