Kenny Gardner Review


On June 6 2013 Kenny Gardner contacted our company and offered to purchase $100,000 of advertising on a text based advertising program. Kenny Gardner asked for a $4,000 commission to be paid upfront via wire and he would execute the contract and he would have the company wire the $100,000 advertising fee. Gardner signed a personal guarantee of repayment of the $4,000 within a 72 hours period if he failed to deliver order. Over the weeks and months Gardner boldly lied and made excuses on why he could not execute the order, and I asked him for the return of the $4,000 which he promised he would send out when he returned to GA or FL in 2013 where he had access to funds. He lied about this also. Kenny Gardner is not someone you can believe. I should have known better from previous dealings but I did not think he would be stupid enough to sign a guarntee and risk a potential felony charge if he lied. I also felt sorry for him since he was morbidly obese, and always suffering from some health or family issue. He continues to represent he was/is very successful in advertising and MLM/Network Marketing. I am filing paperwork with governmental agencies to recover the theft but wished to give anyone else who may decide to do business with him a warning not to pay in advance or trust him. .

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