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In mid-December, 2005, I contacted Ken Fridmann via email about purchasing merchandise. He called me later that day to answer questions. Several days later, I ordered the merchandise for the agreed price of $4200 and $25 shipping, and the deal was paid on Dec. 21. nBetween Christmas and New Years, I left a message for him to be sure it was shipped. There was no return call. I contacted him again, leaving a message, Jan 2-3, with no return call. I physically reached him Jan. 4, and he said that he had to find a big enough box to ship my merchandise in but it was shipped that day. So I expected to have the merchandise by early the next week. nAgain, nothing, so I left another message. No call back, but I reached him on Jan 11. He said he tracked it down and it was tied up in Philadelphia for some reason. I asked for the tracking number, and he provided me with it. I checked for myself and UPS said there was no such tracking number. I called back and told him it didn’t exist, he said sometimes that happens. Next day I called him again, he said he had been shortstaffed but was getting caught up now and would look into it more. I received no phone call back that day or Friday. nSaturday morning, I left him a message that said that since it was a holiday Monday and I know they can’t ship, I expected by close of business Tues, 1/17, to be given a legitimate tracking number or be told exactly where the gun was, or I would contact my credit card, the Attica Police, and the site where I found him. nI received no phone call. I kept my word first thing Wed morning. I filed a police report with Attica, and the officer investigated, and said that he claims it was lost, but refused to show him his shipping records to prove it was shipped. He told him that he would credit my account. nI also sent him an email telling him that I would no longer accept the merchandise and to please credit my account. nAs of 1/23, my account has not been credited. The officer is visiting him again today. My credit card company is investigating. He has been reported to the ATF also. nI am not worried as my credit card company will clear it, but it ties up my credit line until it is cleared. Further, to add insult to injury, when I received my dispute letter in the mail today from the credit card company, he actually charged my account $4320, $95 more than we agreed. nThis is a very dishonest practice, and IF in fact the merchandise was lost in transit, all he had to do was call and tell me this. Instead, he ignored everything. I cannot recommend doing business with this store/man. nTomnManassas, VirginiaU.S.A.

24 Genesse St Attica, New York U.S.A.


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