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Complaint: For the past several months, someone has called and left messages that I am in default in loan and will go to civil court for litigation. I spoke with them several months ago and told them I never had a payday loan with Kenwood Payday Loans. They use my married name which was changed in 2010. They insist I need to pay the reduced amount or I will be sued in civil court. I told them to send the information and never received anything. I didn’t hear from them for a few weeks, NOW they started calling again weekly. I spoke to Rachel today. She said the same thing. Kenwood her client says I owe money and they will sue if I don’t pay reduced amount. I told her the same thing. She said she would send me my court dates. I never had a loan with them. Nothing is on my credit report from Kenwood. I have not had good credit when married and I have been trying to improve it over the last 4-5 years. I don’t want something there that isn’t true!!

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 4434784845

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