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Complaint: I am from RTP-NC and work during US morning hours and wanted to attend online training during night hours to improve my technical skills, when I searched web for online training I found They have advertised as one of the leading online training provided and trained 70000+ in last few years , I joined the course by paying $313.33 USD for online instructor led training . I was contacted by Quazi Samiulla of , Phone +91 8099 77 6681 for the payment and I paid $313.33 USD using paypal on 03/16/2016 for VMware Admin class. After the payment I was contacted by Spandana (Webinar Team Lead) KernelTraining.Com# 201, 1st Street, Patrika Nagar, My Home Hub Back side, Madhapur, Hitech City Hyderabad-500081, and Telangana, India. | Email: [email protected] Phone: +91 91009 37753 | +91 91009 37750 Spandana informed me that the classes are for 32 hours, runs for 4 weeks on Friday and Saturday between 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM EST (4 hours per day) and the classu2019s starts on 03/18/2016. Instructor Vivek Kumar trained us on 03/18/16 and 03/19/16 on VMware basics, but on 03/25/16 class, Vivek Kumar started taking classes on Windows operating systems, even after repeated remainders, Vivek continued with Windows training, which is nothing to do with VMware admin class. Vivek Kumar did not join the call on 03/26/16 call to continue the training. I am asked by Spandana to drop for the call on 03/26/16. I tried to reach Spandana, Chandra and Quazi multiple times by phone, but no one answered. I sent multiple emails and finally Spandana called me and asked me to attend classes during my office hours (I.e. between 11.30 AM EST to 1.30 PM EST. Since the time is right in middle of my office hours, I asked Spandana to arrange for classes only during weekends and after office hours. After a week Spandana returned back with one more class schedule , this time itu2019s on Friday and Saturday nights from 9.30 PM to 11.30 PM ( Yes from 4 hours sessions the classes are reduced to 2 hours ) . Since there is no other option, I agreed for the sessions and started attending the training and attended following sessions. This time the training was conducted by Sunny Kumar. Sunny also covered basics for first 5 hours and disappeared from the 4th session. 04/08/2016 u2013 9.30 PM to 11.30 PM EST 04/09/2016 u2013 9.30 PM to 11.30 PM EST 04/15/2016 u2013 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM EST, the call got disconnected after 1 hour and there is no response from anyone 04/16/2016, 04/22/2016, 04/23/2016, 04/20/2016 – No classes and no response from anyone I tried to reach Kernel Training 20 + times and sent many emails, but there is no response from any one. 1. is highly unprofessional and they do not respond back to any calls or emails. 2. It is not authorizes training provider for any of the product. 3. I want students from US to aware of the problems caused by Kernel Training after paying hard earned money $313.33. 4. The manager Chandra Kumar (9100937750) never responded back to any of my calls 5. The instructtors are not with any practical or industrial skills. I joined the training thinking its one of the best institute, but for last one month I am in real mental worries and highly disappointed by Kernel training. My advices to students from US, PL PL do not take any training with Kernel Training. Donu2019t waste your money.

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Address: 201, 1st Street, Patrika Nagar,Madhapur Hyderabad, Other India


Phone: +91 8099 77 6681

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