Kerrie LeeAnne Irwin – Mitchell, Indiana Indiana


OK so this delusional mutt slut, Seen furniture being moved into MY house last year and apparently told my friend, ” there goes my stuff”. And proceeded to say how she would be living in MY house with MY husband…It’s been a year Bitch, When you moving in?? Oh that’s right, MY HUSBAND got US a NEW house A month ago she went and stole a pic of MY husband from a friend’s phone and sent it to herself. Then forwarded it to my husband and told him how good he looked. Well needless to say when she told him WHO she was, He told her WHAT she was. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen my baby text so many names so fast, lmao. Yes sweetie, He was laying by ME his WIFE, in OUR BED, showing me everything you sent him Stupid Bitch, even if he did ever leave, it wouldn’t be for you and he STILL wouldn’t be WITH YOU!!! I’m sorry your old man can’t get the job done, but My husband isn’t going anywhere, and he does a DAMN GOOD JOB!!!!! Watch out ladies, This Bitch is Scandalous!!!!

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