Followed a sketch click to purchase link & cancelled my immediately following the order because I felt as though it was a scam.This image is the only correspondence I have received in regards to the order which says nothing about authorizing future charges. I received a charge on my credit card weeks later for $89.97. My credit card company gave me 2 phone numbers to call in regards to the charge, neither of which match the # on the bottle. I have called the phone numbers given to me by the credit card company as well as the number on the bottle. I’ve spoken to 2 rude representatives who have told me I agreed to the charge, which I did not at any point agree to. Then the representatives have told me they’d see what they can do & they put me on hold & never come back. I’ve waited up to 10min on hold on these occasions. Hung up & called the same number back to reach the same rude representative.I did not sign up for this & its a scam.

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