Kevin G. Smith Jr. & Denise LeBlanc of Kevin Smith Productions Hollywood California Review


Kevin G. Smith Jr. (16 years old) is a scam artist posing as an adult producer that can get funding from 5M – 1B on his website. Everything looks legit and he sounds completely honest, all about God, and really sharp on the phone, but then he wants your money! To get a deal, (which is fake anyway), he and his Mommy Denise Le Blanc who is a child care giver is completely in on it, they make you send them money to get money, total scam! This boy thinks he’s really smart, and he mostly is but he plays games and when he steals your money they run off and buy cars and nice things and will completely go AWOL on you. He is currently being investigated by the Attorney General of Texas and he is going to jail with his Mom for Fraud and Thievery. After he serves out his time as a minor they are going to put him in federal prison. This kid is a complete con, I work with several people that have been victimized by him and his Mom. The operation is well thought out and you would never know they were a con when you first speak with them. The people I know tried to work something out with them and they just played games and ignored. Do not work with these people, you will be ripped off, I promise you. They’ve done nothing in the Entertainment industry, and they are all about your coin!

Houston, Texas USA

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