Kevin Hill/Danielle Ellis Diavik affair, Canada


Both people are married, him with kids. Living half of their lives away from home at a mine. Both decide to have an affair in secret at work. Danielle seperated from her husband after she finds out he’s onto them as an excuse to continue sleeping with another married man. While he continues to hide everything from his wife at home with 2 kids half way across the country! For 6 months this continued with more and more people hearing them at night and both sides talking amongst trusted friends whom they never should’ve trusted (hints the one writing this). Once things got too obvious both Danielle and Kevin went back to their families thinking they were safe with their secret!To Kevin’s wife I hope you read this and investigate! your husband lied to you to be with Danielle, staying with her at camp, travelling with her, living with her in Yellowknife throughout most of 2016! Ask Danielle’s ex husband Brad! She admitted everything in hopes to make things work. Both of these people Kevin and Danielle are the lowest kind of people in life with no care for anyone but themselves, hopefully the video of you 2 go viral and the best things in your life leave you. They deserve better and you don’t deserve them

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