Kevin Trudeau Lancaster California Review


I canceled this rediculous news letter on August 18, 2005.I was checking my statement this July and found another charge for $71.40 from Natural Cures. As you can all guess it was not an autorized charge. nHe has 81 complaints against him to date. He proved his fraudulent acts by returning my money last year (2005). nTwo months ago, right before he charged my account, he tried to get us to invest in another scam. This one was all about ‘The Noveu Tech Society’. How you could get love, money and anything you want by joining. nI called the number on my Welcome letter and you guessed it, disconnected. This has happened in the last couple of weeks. I notified my credit card company. I also placed a call to the (847) 403-7498, it was still working. I have found a new number while researching and it is (805) 640-0328. This is his home in Ojai, CA. An answering machine states, ‘This is Kevin Trudeau I am on vacation and will be back Aug. 28 you can leave a number and I may call you back or not’. nMy feelings are that he made a last round to all who ordered a book with a credit card and then shut the doors. We have been charged for a service we did not request and we are not receiving the merchandise, nor do we want it. nKatherinenLancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.

601 Del Oro Drive Ojai, California U.S.A.


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