Kevin Velpel and Creative Concepts Home Improvement Illinois


Complaint: These people are a joke!!! Kevin Velpel and his staff at Creative Concepts do not have any bussness building sunrooms or anything at that matter. I wouldnt trust them to build a dog house. Creative Concepts is a franchise dealer for Four Seasons Sunrooms, so if your in the Chicagoland area and call Four Seasons your getting these idiots. They sell these sunrooms but doesnt have anyone that can build them right. Ive talked to customes that have waited over 8 months to have a room built. Their prints are never right, their achitect is an idiot, they pay some random guy to use his roofing license. Kevin might know his s* when it comes to numbers but not much else, and Kelli is a total b*, theres some other fat moron there too. Their website will tell you that they do it all but they dont have a clue i promise. S* their website have a bunch of s* they havent even done. I really didnt want to file this report but Kevin’s a *that doesnt pay the subs and doesnt care about the customers.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 1051 E Main St. Ste 101 East Dundee, Illinois USA


Phone: 847) 232-3531

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