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Complaint: KFC has oficially lost my business! For good! Let me give you a little background. This is the KFC on Foothills Mall Road here in Maryville TN. This is a new facility. They had to tear down the old one cus it had bugs so bad there was no way to clean it up. So they have this whole new building and the building and improvements to the grounds are awesome! This is a good looking store–till you walk in the door. Then the feathers fly. The 1st time we went into this new store was during the 2nd weekend it was open so it was still relativly new. We had the buffett. Ok, if you know a buffett you know it has the place where the food is located and a metal sort of ledge on it where you slide your tray. THIS LEDGE WAS NASTY! IT WAS NASTY WHEN WE GOT THERE AND IT WAS STILL NASTY WHEN WE LEFT. But hey, grande opening- short staff– whatever.. I excused it this time. 2nd time we went there was about a month after that. They managed to get the ledge cleaned up the crap seems to have made it to the floors. THE FLOORS WERE NASTY WHEN WE GOT THERE AND STILL NASTY WHEN WE LEFT. We had to actually step on buiscuit crumbs when we sat at our table! No excuse I thought! I will never be back IN there. Ok, here we go. The other night I dropped by the drive through thinking hey at least I wont have to look at the mess. Well, the drive through has it’s own drama. I got in line at 5:55PM. Got up to the speaker about 6:05. It had kind of a long line (about 8 cars ahead of me) so I excused the wait (did you know you can burn some heavy duty gas just sitting still?). I got to the speaker, did my order (nothing too difficult). I ordered 2 number 2’s. One with double mac and cheese and the other with taters/gravy and green beans, original recipe. It took till 6:05 till 6:35 to get the 4 cars from the speaker to the window! I was ticked off; and the way they have the thing set up you CANT get out of line because of the curb (all flowered up and everything). So you have NO choice but to sit there and wait…. and wait…. and wait…. Well, I get to the window and she has the BALLS to tell me “Its going to be just a moment for the green beans to come out”” and I said (pissed) “”Well

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Address: I have already been in line for over 25 minutes I guess 2 more isnt going to hurt!””. And no nothing from her but a snotty axx look. I just wanted to jump over the window and smack her down! So I waited

Website: and the location number of this KFC. Well

Phone: and waited and waited. Three minutes later she came back and gave me my order… but this time I was HOT! I asked for her name

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