This business shipped a few orders initially but for their summer pre-order, they were taking months to ship out their orders. This is fine, but after 3 months I had not received a certain item and I emailed them multiple times. At first they said next month, then next week, then no response whatsoever. No response on their social media as well or email.If you go on their Instagram account (@killionest) you’ll see multiple people angry for the same reasons. After they posted a story of their new collection (ludicrous given they don’t respond to anyone or anything but are trying to push more product) they said on their page in the comments of a post, that a statement will soon be published regarding orders. Why not send everyone an email or make a separate post on this?3 weeks ago, still no statement. They delete comments on their pictures of people calling out their shady business practices. They also keep posting stories of their new collection, angering customers that they will spend time promoting that but not responding to inquiries or filling current orders.

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