Kimberly Johnson – Deltona, Florida Florida


So this home wrecker’s name is Kimberly Johnson currently in Deltona, FL but she has lived in many places. To make a long story short she started to date a neighbor down the road from us. Then after only actually seeing each other for about 6 weeks they decided to move together. Since the man (and I do use that term loosely) she was dating was being kicked out of his parents house, they moved around the corner from us. Well after two month her boyfriend got sick of her and pick up and moved out. At first I felt bad for her she moved from Mt. Dora to Deltona to be with him. Well on July 25 she started talking with my husband and asked him to do stuff around her house she was renting. || After first I really didn’t think much of it. Then I started to notice he was having to do more thing over there. It bothered me because she was renting this house and I felt it was the landlord’s job to take care of it. So I started to get suspicious. I went thru my husband’s phone and noticed that they sent dirty text to each other. She would text him that she wasn’t wearing any panties and couldn’t wait to kiss him. I confronted my husband and we had a huge fight he said it was harmless flirting. I also confronted her and she lied and said that they were just friends. This got so bad that my husband would talk to her throughout the day while he was at work. I added up the time the spent talking to each other and it was at least and hour to and hour and half on any given day some days were shorter. I confronted her again she said she thought we were getting a divorce, I explained to her that we are not and she said that she would stop talking with him. Well that was September. Today they continue to talk about sexually things. I once again confronted her and gave her the opportunity to stop talking to my husband since things were going well for us. This woman can’t not keep a man and prefers a married man to destroy. She knows that we have 3 beautiful girls and she could care less what her actions does to them. I went to her house one tonight to talk with her and to my surprise meet her still legally married husband that she left for the man she moved out here for. I explained everything to him and showed him the texts that I got off my husband;s phone. He told me that she has done this to him a number of time and was over it. He has since moved out and back to lake county. She is such a conniving piece of work. She jumps from married man to married man. She actually is working her way to the married man that lives in the house in front of us. She enjoys the thrill of messing with married or taken men. Now my husband and I have been together for 12 years and will be married for 10 in a few months and I refuse to let this whore win so I will continue to work on my marriage with him. But I just wanted to let everyone know that she is nothing but a piece of crap. She works for the post office in the Apopka area so please be ware. She tried to come off as a poor southern girl that sweet but this whore is anything but sweet. || Please be ware of this woman. Also, she like to date man in prison even through she herself has 3 kids. That just shows where her many focus is!

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