King Of Swords / Millenium Empire Corp. Utica New York Review


I ordered an Item from King Of Swords way back in July 2009. I waited a full month to recieve it. It Never came. I of course e-mailed and asked why it had not arrived. I was e-mailed back that the order was being held up in customs and they would notify me when it would be available I then waited another full month and still heard nothing from them so not only did I e-mail ;I also –to absolutely no avail –as NO one was ever available to actually talk a call. All I got was an answering machine which said –Of course – to leave a message and a representative would be in touch with me within 24 hrs. That never happened so I just kept emailing. So I sent another e-mail telling them to just cancel the order and refund my money. They replied back saying I would recieve my refund as soon as possible. I then waited another entire month and NO refund was ever issued. So I emailed after another full month had pasted as was emailed back That they would forward my e-mail to their accounting department and I should recieve a refund as soon as possible from them. Well its now almost December 2009 and still have not received any type of refund what so ever. I also tried -as it said on their answering machine -to e-mail there web address that was also suppose to be of great service if one was having problems –OF course that has gotten me no where as well Now after reading some of these other Ripoff Scamss here about King Of Swords I truely believe it is just out and out FRAUD and something should be done -I just dont know how to go about it

3000 Johnson Ferry Road Marietta, Georgia United States of America


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