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Complaint: Perry C. Thomas has operated a number of shell companies in the Houston area in past years. Over these years, he has employed a scheme to take money from innocent families trying to build their dream home, and at the same time, does not pay contractors for the work performed. He has this Ponzi scheme down to a science. He churns his contractors after non-payment for their services. In the neighborhood where I am building, he has failed not only me, but 3 other families trying to build their dream homes. Perry C. Thomas has operated under a number of different companies in the Houston area in the past years, including King’s Manor Homes and Carlisle Homes. Perry C. Thomas is a very convincing con artist with a very likable personality to any who meet him for the first time. This is all part of his sharade that make him so good at what he does….taking money from honest familes trying to build a dream home, and at the same time not paying the contractors who do all the inital work for him. What he does with all the money still needs to be explained. Perry will perform this same Ponzi act time and time again. He will progress the build of a home to a point, and then he is uncapable of finishing the home and will move on to his next victim leaving his previous customers pondering for how to finish their homes, often left with thousands of dollars of losses. As I contact the contractors who have worked on my home pleading for them to help me complete it, I get the same story….Perry C. Thomas has not paid them for the services they already provided. This pattern goes on and on and up until know he has continued to get away with it. I have all intention of putting a complete stop to this criminal activity that has impacted so many customers in his past. The contractors who have been impacted by Perry C. Thomas’ fradulent and criminal activity are also willing to stand behind me in a case against him. I plead for any prevous customers of Perry C. Thomas who have experieced similar experiences in their dealing with him to come forward. This legal action needs to be taken through the criminal court process and not the civil court process. I will proceed alone regardless, yet, as many other impacted families we can include in this case would only make the action against Perry C. Thomas more powerful Most investors may never get their money back, but this guy needs to be in jail for his actions and fraud against so many. The list of those interested in progressing a criminal case against Perry C. Thomas is substantial. As I press forward in my criminal legal action against him, I invite any others who have been impacted by his fradulent activity to come forward and participate in a class action against him. Perry C. Thomas must be held accountable for the criminal fradulent activities he has performed in the Houston area over the years. So many contractors and families building homes have not taken action against him due to not having the financial capacity to do so, and Perry C. Thomas could just declare bankruptcy anyway to avoid his past Ponzi scheme obligations. This said, action need to be taken to jail him and prevent him from doing any such business in this country in the future. I will be relentless in my quest to have justice for all in this regard.

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