KingSize Direct Maryland Review


I placed an order mid-September only to discover the size I ordered did not fit. No big deal, every brand is cut a little different. I returned the item, and asked for the same inseam, but a different waist. Prepaid return postage is a joke because you drop it at the post office, and it then isnu2019t picked up by there “return agent”” for almost a week. Then several days for the package to get back to them. All said and done it was TWO WEEKS for them to get the item for exchange. I finally get an email saying the replacement items have been shipped. I look up the order on their website

only to discover THEY DIDNT BOTHER TO HEM THE PANTS!!! I call and bring to their attention and this is the response: “”Would you like to place an order for the correct inseam? You can then return the unhemmed pants when you get them. Please be aware there will be a restocking fee for the unhemmed pants because it is a return not an exchange””. Let’s get this straight … you want me to give you MORE money to send a third pair of pants

because you didn’t process the exchange correctly? And you expect to change me extra to return something you screwed up? I waited for the unhemmed pants and returned them immediately

to try yet again to get the right size. I placed my original order on September 18th…. almost SEVEN WEEKS AGO!! Again nearly two week wait for the company to get the returned item. The best part? While I am trying to deal with King Size-d incompetence

the company has the gall to spam me twice a day with emails trying to get me to place more orders. GTFO.”

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