Kirstin Marie (Waht) Gongliewski – Arlington, Washington Washington


This woman is pure evil. Satan’s daughter. The word narcissist was created when she was born. She blows through men like Trump sends out tweets. A lying player who is incapable of love, cheats on everyone & has at least three guys on the hook, ready to reel in at all times. She loves to brag that she lost her virginity at 14 to an 18 year old guy. I can only imagine the effect on her teen daughter. Of course, some of her greatest claims to fame are sexual. Sleeping with a much younger, MARRIED, nascar guy. Then the guy’s father down the road. As well as a higher up with fb. (she slept with this guy & his buddy in a drunken threesome/DP one night, and actually thought he’d even consider a long-term relationship with her.) She’s used hook-up sites. She had it all (her own condo, a trust account & part ownership of river-front property at 17) & partied it all away (couch surfing & nothing but the clothes on her back when kicked out in July of 2015). She doesn’t care who you are. If she needs to use you, just to get by in life, this woman will crush your soul without looking back, while convincing everyone YOU were the messed up one. She’s a green eyed Scorpio. 10/28/1971. RUN!!!

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