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I am Anthony M . I rent a commercial space from Berkeley Propertie on July 5th 2013. They knew I did Automotive repair and sale. They told me it oka to rent the space however I need to put Auto part on the Dallas county application for Certificate of Occupency. Once I move it . It took 45day for the space to pass Inspection . I paid rent but I could not move into the space . They only get $25.00 discount on rent . Latter on . My electric was cut off for 8day because Berkeley property did not give me the paperwork I need to switch the electric. The company did not apologize or reinburse for 8day of not electricity. My cars have being tow 5day by Alex Baeur, the first building manager, We were also lock out of our unit for 5day because they claim we were late on paying the rent . They added alot of etra fee on it. Berkerley properties change rent fee to suit there purpose all the tine . Dear Valued Tenant, This is a courtesy notice. Our records indicate that you have a balance on your account. Avoid late fees by using the Online Payment system link below to pay your full balance now. If your balance has not been paid by the 10th, you will automatically be charged late fees. Dear Valued Tenant, Your monthly rent statement is attached. Rent is due on the 1st of each month. If you have already submitted your full rent payment, please disregard this email. Online Payments and Account Info Center: Navigate to In April 2 of out car was towed because they wanted to paint the building . Berkerley Properties and Southwest Auto Tow are ripping peopleoff by towing there car illegaly ,

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