Kitchen Cabinet Depot Complaint


Dealing with this company has been the worst online experience ever. I spent over $1500 for cabinets, whuch were supposed to be RTA upon arrival. They were not. They came chipped and misaligned. I was unable to construct the tall cabinets. I had cooperatively provided photos. I even sent another email with the same photos and offering an explanation of what was in the photos as requested by customers service. I was told that from the photos they concluded that the screw in the cam-lock was not in the right direction. That’s cute because I had already put together 7 cabinets with the same cam-lock system. They attempted to attack my intelligence. I even forgave the discrepancies with the wall cabinets as I just needed to gain some order in my kitchen with my child being in the home. Well, after more than a week of back and forth without gaining progress of a resolution, I’m sure you could understand my frustration and request for a full refund. This idiot, Crystal, who was quite unprofessional I might add about my request, told me I had to donate the cabinets for a full refund. She stated that they were unwilling to come get the cabinets. Well, at this point I knew this company was a joke. Please, please, please purchase your cabinets elsewhere or pay with PayPal. I normally do, however it was not picking up the card I wanted to use with this transaction. Never again. I highly do not recommend this company. And if my review can save one person from the frustration and unprofessionalism I have endure than I am happy.

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