kitchen cabinet liquidators and Hiran Mazaira Review


kitchen cabinet liquidators and Sila Estevez, Robert Sanabia AKA Hiran Mazaira are operating as a Kichen cabinet sales company in south Florida. He/they operate on Facebook using Hiran Mazaira and Kitchen Cabinet Liquidators. However Hiran Mazaira introduces himself as Robert. All email communications come from a Robert Sanabia when regaring invoicing or kitchen design. I found Hiran Mazaira inn facebook and requested a quote for a kitchen and surely he cane to my home and measured and sent a design. After researching and finding nothing negative I proceed to give a $2500 down payment in the form of a check written to Sila Estavez as required by the invoice/contract. My better senses kicked in and I requested he not cash the check and I offered to issue another form of payment. He/they proceeded to cash the check anyways. Knowing I told him not to cash it I need put the funds in to cover the check so it bounced. When I called him asking why he cashed he told me that he had cashed it at his bank before getting my message. He the complained about the bounce check so I reissued him a check. He bold face lied because cashed the check using a check cashing company. What I also didnu2019t know was that the check cashing company had issued him cash for the check he cashed the first time and the other check I issued him thinking this was a legitimate transaction. Trying to avoid losing contact with him I allowed him to do the demo of my existing kitchen. As we moved forward he started pushing to get the rest of the money to order the kitchen. Meanwhile I demanded he pay back the money to the check cashing company before we moved any further. He in fact made several payments leaving a balance of $1000+. When I refused to make any more payments to him I went and purchased my cabinets at a major cabinet company. I negotiated that he and his installers install the kitchen in hopes I wonu2019t lose my money. He in fact installed the kitchen ( improperly might I add) but again it was statgey to avoid losing all my money. Until not I am still using other company to finish my install and correct errors during install. He still owes me a balance of $500 from the install fee and has not paid the remaining balance to the check cashing company which is over $1000 dollars. There are other reports on ripoffteport about him and his company doing the same thing to others. Beware!!

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