Kitchenaid west jordan Utah Review


On 11 Nov 2010 at 2am my wife was up in the kitchen getting some water, and could smell a strong strange smell. It was not until she saw flames coming out of the top of the kitchenaid dishwasher that she knew what the smell was. My wife opened the dishwasher and pressed the canel button to make the flames stop. I beleive if it was not for my wife being up at this time the dishwasher could have caught the kitchen and the rest of the house on fire. You should have the peace of mind that your kitchenaid dishwasher will NOT kill you in your sleep. I talked to Mary Healy today from kitchenaid customer service, she said that the dishwasher catching fire is no big deal and that they only last about 8 years and that me and my family’s saftey is only worth $250. Regardless of how long the kitchenaid dishwasher should last, it should not catch fire when it stops working. Kitchenaid believes it is no big deal for it to catch fire when it stops working in the middle of night while your sleeping and that you and your family is only worth $250. I have had nothing but bad luck with my kitchenaid product’s and plan on replaceing all of them when I can afford it.

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