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Complaint: Purchased a very hard to find windshield from this guy/company (Jake Herein). I paid $300.00 for the part and was then charged $205.00 for shipping and packaging material. At the time I was happy to pay the $205.00 because I was told the seller would be building “a box”” to safely ship the windshield. It arrived in a flimsy carboard box with some broken pieces of styrofoam taped to the windshield

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Address: needless to say it was really broken. I informed Jake that I was not happy with the packaging material I paid so much for (Actual postage cost was $112.00) and he offered to refund $46.00 of the shipping cost. I purchased insurance from the post office for the windshield and I told Jake he could refund my money for the windshield and he could file the insurance claim and I would be happy. He told me that the shipper could not do this and it was my responsibility to file the claim

Website: 527 Wild Azalea Rd. Waycross, Georgia United States of America

Phone: which is untrue. I filed a claim with the USPS and they denied the claim because the packaging was so poor. After inspecting the windshield further I discovered some of the windshield cracks appear to have dirt and discoloration in them

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