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On July 27, my wife noticed a $3.50 charge (July 26, 2012) from The website showed sales of knitting patterns. Most products were for small amounts. Neither of us had contact with this company to make such a purchase. nThe phone number listed reached a hard-to-understand (accent?) message saying to contact [email protected]. Wrote to address, no response yet. Reported to bank and canceled ATM card. nFound on facebook other reports of problems with same sort of charges to AT&T credit card. See Nothing else found. nLooked up website at WHOIS: Domain registered June 8, 2012 to John Cotton, Sunnyvale, CA 94088. Phone on WHOIS shows 510-595-2002 a land line from Oakland, CA. Calling it goes to recording asking for entry of phone number. nAppears to be some sort of fake site used to get small charges that people may not notice. I’m posting this because it appears to be a problem that is not widely reported.

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