KOALA HOUSE New Port Richey Florida


Complaint: While at Koala the first thing I observed was the blank glazy eyed look in two of the tenents , assistant manager included… Many had gone to jail, the streets, and more restrictive housing… This led to a question. …Does this place help, or even care at all about their clients ???? I think not.. Finally, a tenant Destroyed my LG G3 android phone and refuses to replace it… I am now stuck with a loan of $166.00 , with no way to pay it back…** * * * Rampant drug use, solicitation, theft of medications of other clients. .. Basically a place of sheer hell on earth… Must leave this horribly Toxic environment immediately. .. Thank you for reading this and heed this Warning about ” Koala House””

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: of NPR”


Phone: 6141 Kentucky Avenue New Port Richey, Florida USA

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