KOMAKS cacak Pomoravlje


Complaint: Komaks issues regular Invoice to us for IT components (graphic cards) informed us about delivery in aprox 7-10days, then even after 3 weeks after payment they didnt ship goods and proposed to re-imburse us, we agreed and send them payment instructions to return money to us and now even after 1 month is passed since they got our bank account instructions they still didnt returned it nor we get replies from them regardign that issue..BE aware that Komaks from Bulgaria are big time scamers, Ivan Rusev their ‘export manager’, [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] Scamers !!

Tags: Computer, Computer Fraud, Computer Graphics, Hardware

Address: Burgas 8000 Passat 10 Str. Burgas, Burgas Bulgaria

Website: www.komaks.com/products.html


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