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KP Patel Offered his Assistant Money for SEX!!! – My personal Experience at Equity Prime Mortgage

I had joined Equity Prime Mortgage before this pandemic as an assistant. At the time of my joining the organization, I had no idea it would be a hellish place. 

KP Patel, the founder of Equity Prime Mortgage, hired me as his personal assistant and I was really happy to get this opportunity. All that time, I had no idea KP was a perverted lunatic who sees women only as objects. Although he never said anything, I noticed how he would stare at me sometimes. It made me uncomfortable, for sure, but I thought that’s just how he behaved and let it go. I was just glad that he didn’t do anything but this notion went away after a while.

When the pandemic started, KP had told me to work from home for a while and do my job virtually. Whenever he’d need something he would video call me and I would have to respond. Although it seemed very unusual for an old guy like KP to video call a woman 2-3 times a day, I never gave it a lot of thought. My BF pointed out to me one day that KP’s behaviour is very shady.

Then, one day, he called me to bring him some files at some place. Although he has a home, he didn’t tell me to get there, instead he gave the location of an apartment. I thought to myself that he’s a rich guy so he must have multiple properties. When I got there, he invited me in and offered me some tea. 

Then all of a sudden his tone and behaviour changed considerably. He started saying weird things like ‘You shouldn’t work this hard’, and ‘You look cute in this outfit’. Then he tried to kiss me. When I pushed him away, he started smiling and asked me how much it would cost!

I was like, “What the f#ck? I’m not a hooker”. But he insisted that he could pay me any amount for a night. I left his place hurriedly and left that job. KP Patel is a total creep!!!

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