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Complaint: Hi. My name is abraham, and I hired this guy at He promised to make me a website. he took $700 deposit and then made me a junky site on wordpress, that I was imbarrased to put up online. I told him that I don’t like it and that he ripped me off. he said that I must pay him full price BECAUSE OF ALL THE HOURS WE WASTED ON THE PHONE. I told him that I will NOT pay for phone talk, thats a totall ripoff. He ‘took’ another $2,000 off my debit card. I don’t know who gave him permission, (stupid me that I gave him my ‘debit’) And then he never picked up my phonecalls again. Guys do not hire this guy, he is a terrible person. you will see it on your first phone call. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from people who don’t care to ripoff clients for a few thousand bucks. There are enough good seo companies out there. Don’t use this guy.

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