Kraftwerk K9, Wayne Curry Winter Park Florida


Complaint: Purchased a (6) week old German Shepard puppy from Kraftwerk K9, Mr. Wayne Curry. I called Wayne and discussed a particular puppy he had shown on his website. Wayne went on to say how special and rare this puppy is. Furthermore, how Kraftwerk should do his obedience training. So, at the point of purchase, the obedience training was added to the cost of the puppy ($5,500) plus ($1,500). Wayne was very engaging prior to the puppies purchase. However. subsequent conversations were like talking to a very different person, very disengaged. He reminds me of a used car salesman when you have questions post purchase. We waited (5) weeks for our puppy as the training period took (4) weeks. What a waste of time and ($1,500)! Our puppy was not trained at all. The puppy does not even know his name, needless to say, basic commands (whether English or German). More so, this puppy is very aggressive and bites everything around him including me and my wife. We have hired a professional trainer and will see what can be done. It takes a lot for me to write a review, however, in this case it must be done to warn future interested parties wanting a German Shepard from Wayne Curry / Kraftwerk K9 to do proper due diligence and think twice.

Tags: Pet breeder

Address: 11303 183rd Avenue SW Rochester , Washington United States


Phone: 360 273 6125

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