January 11, 2018 – I came across an Ad on Facebook for a free sample of Krasa Anti-Aging Cream. It clearly stated that you would receive a free sample if you pay for shipping. Upon ‘checking out’ to get the free sample the button read Next to Continue, but it actually added another sample item to my cart without my knowledge. That product was Ilus Anti-Aging Serum.January 14, 2018 – Two charges were posted to my Bank Account. $2.96 was labeled ‘quickskin 8442903615 GI’. The other charge was $0.99 was labeled ‘TOP SKIN CARE 844-258-2791 AZ’. I assumed these were the shipping charges for the free sample I ordered.January 15, 2018 – I received one email from [email protected] with the Subject line: Dispatched Confirmation. The email contained tracking information for USPS and UPS. It did not state the product name(s) or have company information. Nor did it contain any information about company practices.January 17, 2018 – Two charges were posted to my Bank Account, one for $4.98 and one for $0.98. The charges were labeled ‘LAV.GOODCAREEYECREA 855-660-3283 UT’. This is when I discovered the company had added another sample item to my cart during the order on the 11th.January 22, 2018 – One box containing two products were delivered to my house. I assumed this was the one sample I ordered, and one sample they added to my cart without my knowledge.February 11, 2018 – A charge was posted to my Bank Account in the amount of $109.00. I did not order or re-order any products from this company. The charge was labeled ‘LAV.GOODCAREEYECREA’.I immediately called the Customer Service number listed in the email (1-855-746-0306). I was told that the charge was for the Ilus Anti-Aging Serum and that the company doesn’t issue refunds once they charge you. I had to extract from the CSR that they would be charging me for the Krasa Anti-Aging Cream if I did not return it within 30 days from this conversation in the amount of $103. I asked to speak to a manager several times and was not put through. I asked the CSR to cancel and refund both orders since I was not informed of any of these stipulations. They CSR acknowledged that I was not informed but said they couldn’t refund.I was also informed for the first time that the sample I ordered was actually a ‘free trial for 14 days of a sample’ and also that they had signed me up for monthly charges of these two products. I had no notification that I had 14 days to try this product, nor was I told what address I could have sent it back to within that period in order to avoid these further charges. I had to specifically ask for the return address, further proving that I couldn’t have sent these back to begin with. I had to ask for the company’s name even, since it wasn’t listed in the email, and was provided with a false company name of Ilus Incorporated by the CSR. When I researched the company online I discovered that the company name was actually Envisage Skin International. I eventually was able to talk the CSR into canceling my ‘monthly account’ for Ilus Anti-Aging Serum and have them issue me a 40% refund on the newest charge of $109. My shipping charges or return shipping charge was not going to be refunded. I was also informed that they would not cancel my ‘monthly account’ for the Krasa Anti-Aging Cream until I returned the product on my own dime or else they would charge me $103 in 30 days and keep me on the ‘monthly account’. I have yet to received the 40% refund.

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