Kristie Kate Mikel – Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky


Meet Kristie Kate Mikel (Kristie Hess), or formaly known as Kristie Ammons. She is a serial cheater. Moving from Louisville, Ky to Oak Harbor, Wa. when she was 13, living there until marring her first husband Jim when she was 17, he was 31, divorced, with three kids. He needed a nanny, & she need a place to live & someone to take care of her. She never tried to be happy or love her husband, she lived in a fantasy world believing she was in love with her boyfriend she had at age 12 in Louisville. She fantasized about being with this man, & tried for yrs to find him. Never being able to have her own children, she started having affairs with co-worker’s, targeting men with small kids. || She moved from job to job destroying families. Still looking for her lost love, her first affair was with her boss at the Skagit Regional airport. Having to leave that job when his wife found out. She then went on to be a realtor & an EMT, working at the Skagit Co fire dept & selling real estate in Burlington, & Mt Vernon, Wa. Having been with 4 real estates in 5 years. Having to leave every job due to affairs. With social media taking off she finally found her lost love, married with children. She put her plan in motion to get him. She tried tirelessly to contact him to get him to have an affair with her, wanting him to leave his wife. Having finally found this man she left her husband, Jim & moved back to Louisville to be closer to him, hoping he would be her’s. She played sweet, & kind, the victim, pretending to be everything she thought he wanted. She was relentless, she became so obsessed this man had to have her served with no contact papers. After not being able to get him, she started contacting one of his bff’s, Robert. Robert being divorced & desperate, he fell for her. She had given up everything for her lost love, & again needed someone to take care of her, so she married Robert. She left a path of destruction across the country, leaving more than a handful of families destroyed. She is manipulative, & evil only caring about herself & what she wants, she is heartless! She lives in Louisville, & works at the Louisville airport. If you live near her or mostly if your husband works with her BEWARE, keep your husband far away from her. She will pretend to be your friend while trying to seduce your husband.

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