Kristin Vit Web Design Scam


My Complaint: I was approached by Kristin Vit through a Craigslist ad I placed looking for web design. When I went to her web site, as she says, I was “Wowed”. Since she wanted 50% up front I decided to check a few references and that is when her carefully constructed house of cards fell apart – so do due diligence with anyone you are about to hire.
1. She appears to have gone by kfossen, Kerstin Fossen, Kristin Vit and the preponderance of evidence says she also used the domains, and currently Searching these at shows they have the same address and cross-referencing the phone # with complaints found on Google pretty well make the case.
2. She appears to use other peoples work, companies that don’t exist, work that was probably never commissioned and other methods to give her site credibility until you try and check her out. Nearly all works and references are dead ends or impossible to check out (like listing Whirlpool as a client – who would anyone call to verify?)
3. Cross-checking on shows a clear pattern of quickly changing references and works – again most of which don’t check out anyway.
4. If you google her phone number you see that is belongs to New Gate Automotive School. Strange.
Her Facebook page for Kristin Vit is deliberately vague and absent of any meaningful detail.
5. Her info with is private – why hide?
6. Her web site and disappeared from view right around the time several reports were filed and the new site was registered.
A few I found were:

The scam seems simple – look amazing, get the 50%, deliver nothing or sub-standard work and people give up eventually. When too many people complain, move on, change names and start again.


My Demand: None

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