Kristy Taylor – Eldon, Missouri Missouri


In 2011 I was a stay at home mom for the first time in my life! my husband was a new police officer and just had started at Miller County. I was pregnant and not due until november But labor Came 6weeks early Due to stress and had the baby. WE BOTH NEARLY DIED! This Skank began her relationship with my husband in 2011 I did not find out the Whores name or anything until October of 2014 when she accidentally sent a message on facebook instead of his email. when I called this fat skank she assured me that I had the wrong number that wasn’t even her name. I later text her back and said you’re a liar my husband told me this is you. || I told her my husband had told me all kinds of things about what had happened between them she totally fell for it and begin to come clean I acted as her friend to get information and then I let her have it! my husband referred to me as crazy when he spoke with her he told her that I was completely crazy she acted as if they were only friends even to her boyfriend and had then become friends her boyfriend believes that I was truly crazy and the only reason that they head talking to each other is because my husband wasn’t allowed to have any friends that were girls bullshit! obviously her boyfriend was dumb enough to believe it and still does I have sent him all the proof and all he says is he doesn’t want to hear it I am crazy and that she had told him this is what I would do! I have never done this or been against my husband having any friends as girls my husband came clean and told me the story he is completely sorry and we have had a rocky marriage in the past I’m not perfect and neither is he but we have been nothing but great since October the best ever since our marriage began in 2001! my husband tells me this is not the first time she is done that they continue to speak French he knew all the guys she had slept with and all the other marriages and relationships she had one I am exposing this Whore because she had the nerve to tell me it took me 3 years to figure it out and that she was innocent you’re not innocent when you’re messing with a married man that has a pregnant wife at home bitch! I did not even know this girl all I knew of her is her looks she was short fat they called her a midget and she has braces and pretends she is a NINJA WOW!! She wont even post pics of herself fully cuz she knows she is ugly lol anyone who has seen her says my husband must have been out of his mind and went backwards even her friends have said this and I honestly believe that my husband was on a deep depression I am NOT justifying what he did but I do believe in forgiveness if the person is truly sorry but that bitch is not my husband truly is I hope she gets what she deserves and I’m glad that its out in the open and it’s all over now!

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