Krystal International Vacation Club Review


My wife and I went to Cancun in April 2014 for a promotion offer of Krystal Vacations Internation. They sold us on a deal and showed great discounts on hotels, resorts and airfare. In fact some how they showed on there computor a rate from our home city of Roanoke Va. to Cancun for the dates of our 44th wedding aniversary that was 200.00 less than we just paid. That in itself almost sold us into buying some space at the Krystal. But when they showed us how if we didn’t use our weeks they would rent them for us and in time all of the money we paid in would come back through the rentals. We could still traver very cheaply and make money at the same time. They promised that the rentals in Cancun go so quickly the we would see money back within 90 days. When nothing happened in 90 days except our regular payments we started to call Krystal. Then they were told that a broker had been given our rooms to book clients for us. After finally reaching someone at Global Resort Connections 2250 NW 114th Ave Unit 1M (800-122-5151) and talking to Jay we were told the peak season fo Cancun was later in the year and they had us down to rent. Waited till October to call and were told the same thing. Called in April this year and were told things were looking good and should be getting a call by June to see where we want money sent. I sure hope you folks can help us resolve this matter, because now our maintance fees of over 800.00 are due and will be turned over to a collection agency if not paid. Please let us know if you need any more info, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Donnie and Gail Hudgins .

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