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I have been working with Kuhn Advisors for quite some time and in my opinion, they are the worst financial advisor in NC. Thatís because these people give cookie-cutter advice to their clients. Cookie-cutter advice is suboptimal and is a lazy way for financial advisors to handle their clients. If your financial advisor is giving you cookie-cutter advice, you should stay miles away from them. It means they donít care about your financial goals and requirements. Instead of focusing on your needs, they are too focused on their time and energy. It would be much better to find a financial advisor who really cares about you and your finances. You should find someone who is responsible and caring. A lazy financial advisor is detrimental for your finances. Itís your money, after all, and you shouldnít waste it on someone who is too lazy to do their job. 

When I found out about the reality of Kuhn Advisors, I was utterly disappointed. I never expected them to offer me such financial advice. All this time, I was thinking my financial advisors cared about my finances. Itís clear that they were deceiving me. 

The main reasons why cookie-cutter advice is bad for you are the following:

Lazy Advisor

Cookie-cutter advice is the biggest sign of your financial advisor being lazy. Itís clear that they donít care enough about your finances, goals, and requirements. The only thing worse than a bad financial advisor is a lazy financial advisor. The former doesnít know how to do their job while the latter is deliberately doing a bad job. You shouldnít waste your money on a service provider who is too lazy to do their job properly. A professional financial advisor wouldnít give you cookie-cutter advice. They would listen to you and try to understand your requirements. 

Poor Results

When youíre getting cookie-cutter advice, itís certain that you wouldnít get the best results. Thatís because it is not made for your specific case, itís made for everyone. When your financial advisor creates a financial plan specifically for you while keeping your unique requirements in mind, you should get the best possible results. With a set of cookie-cutter advice, that doesnít happen. Itís like comparing a normal suit with a tailor-made one. They both are suits but the latter will always be superior in terms of comfort and looks. Thatís why cookie-cutter advice is looked down on in the financial industry. When I discovered that Kuhn Advisors were giving me cookie-cutter advice, I got very disappointed. One of the big reasons why I was disappointed was that I knew I wasnít getting the results I could have gotten. 

A Scam

When you hire a financial planning firm, you expect them to offer you the best service possible. You hope that they will strive to get you the best returns you can get. But with cookie-cutter advice, thatís not possible. So, in a way, your financial advisor is scamming you if they give you cookie-cutter advice. Itís an unethical practice and is certainly not suitable for a major firm like Kuhn advisors. They could have resorted to hiring more advisors, but no, they choose to create templates for their clients, which is horrible, just horrible. 

Another big reason why cookie-cutter advice is a scam is because you donít get your time back. As I mentioned earlier, cookie-cutter advice is always suboptimal. So you canít possibly get the best results possible while following such advice. It would be best to get personalized advice while keeping all the factors (goals, needs, etc.) in mind. When youíre following cookie-cutter advice and make decisions accordingly, youíre losing out on a lot of gains and wealth. So, your financial advisor is scamming you and making you lose money by giving you cookie-cutter advice. 

Kuhn Advisors Review: Donít Hire Them

Kuhn Advisors give cookie-cutter advice to their clients. It is highly unethical and thatís why I donít recommend doing business with this firm to anyone. Youíd benefit more from hiring a smaller firm.

Kuhn Advisors isnít a suitable financial advisory firm for you. They are scammers who mislead clients into thinking they give excellent services while in reality, they are only giving crappy advice to them. Donít do business and stay safe. 

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