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My friend had a painful experience with Kurt Shaver and his company Vangreso. That guy is a horrible human being and a dangerous scammer, thatís why I think everyone should stay away from him and his services. My buddy made a big mistake when he hired him to speak at our event. Kurt tries to market himself as an expert through lies and my friend fell for it. He didnít think Kurt would be a scammer. There are a ton of keynote speakers out there. They each have different fields of expertise and because of their huge quantity, itís easy for someone to get confused. But just because youíre in a hurry to hire a keynote speaker for your event, it doesn’t mean you shouldnít conduct proper research on the guy. This is where Jim (my friend, I’ve changed the name for security reasons) and it cost him a lot. He had to face humiliation and a loss of several thousand dollars. 

Kurt is one of the worst speakers out there. He takes your money, promises you that heíll give a great speech and just turns your event into a disaster. If youíre thinking of hiring that lunatic, I suggest reading this Kurt Shaver review. It will help you open your eyes and see his true self, which he desperately tries to hide from the internet.

Who is Kurt Shaver?

Kurt Shaver is the co-founder of Vangreso. He is also the chief sales officer at this company. Before Vangreso, he used to run salesfoundry.com which is now closed. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Kurt used to work with companies and help them with their sales. He worked with a number of startups in the start of his career. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Salesforce consulting business in 2008. Since 2011, he has been teaching people about the benefits of LinkedIn as well. He also speaks at events. He speaks about digital sales, social media, etc. 

By looking at his experience, one might think that he is some sort of expert who doesnít need an introduction. After all, he has years of experience in sales and as an entrepreneur, so why would someone question his expertise, right? Well, thereís the problem. His story makes him seem like an expert which he is not. I know this because my friend’s company has already made the mistake of hiring Kurt for speaking at their event. He is a waste of money for any company. Hiring him is expensive and yields no benefits for anyone except him. If this post can save any one from wasting their hard-earned money on this jerk, then it would be worth all the effort it took to put it together.

Kurt Shaver's LinkedIn
Kurt Shaver’s LinkedIn About Us

Kurt speaks a lot about using LinkedIn for sales. He uses LinkedIn himself to promote Vangreso and his speaking business. He also uses Twitter for his brand promotion. Using these platforms helps him in reaching more people and spreading his message. He has around 11k followers on his Twitter page, and his LinkedIn profile has more than 500 connections. He is active on both of these platforms because he wants to get as many customers as possible. I wouldnít care whether his business gets any customers or not but the problem is, his services arenít valuable. He is cheating people through his social media profiles. He makes it seem like he is a thought leader of the industry and his products are amazing while thatís clearly not the truth. There arenít any reviews of his services online. Thatís because he doesnít want anyone to find out what kind of services he really offers. And let me tell you, they are very bad. Youíd feel like you couldíve done a lot better once youíve wasted your money on this guy. 

Kurt Shaver's Twitter page
Kurt Shaver’s Twitter page

The guilt sets in quickly because you realize that you didnít get the product you had bought. I didnít have any knowledge of Kurtís reality, if I did, I would’ve stopped my friend from buying Kurt’s services. 

My Friend’s Experience with Kurt Shaver and Vangreso 

The section below is the email I received from Jim himself. I haven’t edited anything so there might be some errors, but this is to ensure that you really understand how devastated he felt when he found out Kurt Shaver’s reality.

I regret the decision of hiring Kurt till this day. I hated the experience entirely. One of our guys had warned us that hiring Kurt might turn out to be a mistake, but we didnít listen to him. Kurtís website and his social media profiles can deceive anyone. He maintains these pages so you wouldnít question his expertise. I got fooled by his website and social media profile. When I was hiring Kurt, I had no idea heíd turn out to be a disaster. He wasted our time, he wasted our money, and most importantly, he turned our event into a disaster. 

My company was holding a prestigious event and we were looking for a highly experienced keynote speaker. Now, one of my guys has been a follower of Kurt for some months. So he recommended Kurt and told us all about his expertise and experience. Because of that guyís recommendation, I considered Kurt first and to my surprise, Kurt was available to speak on that day. They replied very promptly to our messages and we were delighted. They demanded that we pay him the whole amount in advance, and I got a little sceptical at that stage. You donít demand this much money in the beginning of your deal, when you both donít even know each other. Thatís when another guy in my group told me that it would be a bad idea to pay these guys anything. But I didnít listen to him and paid Kurtís company some few thousand dollars. Looking back, I realize it was the worst expenditure Iíve ever made. 

Kurtís team was very glad with my payment and they told me that Kurt would arrive and give the required presentation without any worries. Kurt offers a bunch of presentations on his website. I had chosen the one called Ď3 Steps to Creating a Social Selling Cultureí, which was supposed to last for an hour at least and help my sales managers use social media better for generating sales. I was looking forward to it. What I didnít know was that Kurt isnít really an expert on anything related to social selling. He is just some guy who has spent a few years in the market and has gathered enough experience to know how he can dupe other executives. Thatís how he is making his living, which is one of the saddest ways to make money if you ask me. 

When Kurt didnít arrive a day before the event, I got a little worried. He arrived on the day of the event. He seemed like a nice guy when I met him. I didnít know that he was planning to scam me at that time. He was supposed to be the main highlight of our event too, so I was really excited to hear him speak. But things changed when he got on the stage. He just gave a general overview of Twitter and LinkedIn and then, started saying how he has helped different companies in boosting their sales through them. His speech lasted for 15 minutes, which is way less than an hour. And in this short speech, he didnít mention any of those Ď3 Stepsí he was paid to talk about. 

The entire time, I kept waiting for him to say something useful which my managers could apply in their daily practices. But no, he didnít have anything to share. When he got off the stage so early, I got a little confused. I asked him, ďWerenít you supposed to give a longer speech, that lasted for around an hour?Ē and he just told me, ďDonít worry mister, I think Iíve done enough work hereĒ. Then he started leaving the place. I stopped him and asked him what the hell was going on, because it certainly wasnít the speech I had paid him for. He just shrugged it off like thatís all he could do. I went with him to the lobby and demanded an explanation for his unprofessional behaviour. He tried to walk away but I wanted to get an explanation. He kept making excuses like ĎI donít know what youíre talking aboutí, ĎThe audience isnít worth his timeí, etc. Then he started saying that he was getting late for some work so he had to leave early. I couldnít comprehend his incompetence at that moment. I was furious because the keynote speaker of my event had just walked out and there was nothing I could do about it. We had to wrap up the event and face considerable embarrassment because of this. 

I contacted Kurtís company, Vangreso, later on to complain about this incident. I gave them a call, and the customer service rep gave me the same reply Kurt was giving me in the event, ĎHe canít do anythingí. I asked him if he can issue me a refund because Kurt had done a lot of damage by leaving the event in the middle and giving a lame speech. But this moron on the other end of the phone must be reading from a script because he kept giving me the same reply. He transferred his call to a superior but she was saying the same thing. I got really mad at myself later. I realized that I had just got scammed by Kurt and his staff. He took a few thousand dollars from me to teach my staff about something but didnít deliver what was promised. He embarrassed me in front of all my employees and made me look like a fool. It was my initiative, I just didnít think Iíd get scammed by a bastard like Kurt. He didnít apologize for his incompetence. He just left the event and didnít reply to any of my complaints. It just goes to show how big of a scum he really is. 

I wouldnít have hired Kurt for speaking at my event, if I had any hint of his unprofessional and unethical behavior. That guy cost me thousands of dollars. He is a thief and Iíd be happy to see him get locked up or get broke. The mere fact that he didnít even consider apologizing to me for his terrible behavior is enough reason for me to understand that he is a fraudster. Kurt doesnít know anything about social media or marketing. He just knows how he can use people to fill his pockets. He is an unethical professional who has no morals and youíd be safer if you stayed away from him. I donít even believe the stuff he says on his profiles and website. Iím certain that most of the credentials he has shared on his website like past clients or projects are fake. I donít think he has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies or startup leaderships. I just think he is lying about all this so small businessmen like you and me will trust him and pay him our hard-earned money so he can afford his luxury lifestyle. 

Other Negative Reviews

Trust Pilot Review of Kurt Shaver

There isnít much information about Kurt available online. I donít know what is the reason behind that. It could be because he isnít some big shot like he claims to be. Or, it could be because his company spends a lot of money hiding the reviews of his services as they are terrible and wouldnít let him get anymore customers. Iím sure most of his business is dependent on his lying profiles and website. 

This is the main reason you wouldnít find any reviews of Kurt Shaver or Vangreso online. However, even after all that, the internet has several negative reviews about Kurt and his sham company. 

In fact, I found a couple of critical reviews on Glassdoor, where some distraught employees had shared their frustrations with Vangreso. One person said that the CEO of the company is a horrible person and the company sends emails to the employees even on weekends. Over and above, the person also mentioned how the company lacks leadership and has no direction. It also lacks proper organization, which means thereís total chaos. The review highlighted a bunch of harsh truths about Kurtís company and if I had read this review earlier, I would not have hired the guy. Think of it, if a guy canít even run his company properly, how do you expect him to teach you about running yours? It doesnít make sense. 

Kurt is scamming Businesses

Kurt Shaver is a liar who is using social media and the internet to promote his sham business. His sole purpose is to make money for himself. He wonít teach your staff a thing. He will just take all your money, waste your time, and then dash. There isnít anything praiseworthy about that guy. He doesnít know how to deal with customers, he doesnít know how to run a company and he surely doesnít know about business ethics. This guy can get locked up for decades if he keeps this up. 

I am hoping my friend’s experience will help some of you in making a better informed decision about Kurt and his services. I know how hard it is for anyone to recover from a substantial financial loss. I just thought itís my duty as a responsible citizen to make others aware of a scammer present in our midst. 

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