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Complaint: Beware of this attorney. In my professional opinion as stated below, Greg Showers is unethical, unprofessional,and is extremely ineffective if your objective is pursuing proper legal representation. Greg Showers will rip you off for any monies he can obtain without providing you effective legal representation. Greg will request you to pay in advance because his legal representation is so poor I must assume most clients refuse to pay ongoing fees due to his lackluster performance. DONT HIRE THIS ATTORNEY FIRM Our next action is a formal complaint with the State Bar A**’n. I never write reviews but today, I feel its my duty to protect unsuspecting families from being ripped off by Kwall, Showers, & Barrack PA. Greg Showers has continuously lied to both my spouse and myself about most issues with our case. It’s almost embarrassing to confront him, each time his responses are another lie. Additionally, Greg Showers used fraudulent bait and switch tactics regarding his legal fees. Greg Showers gave my spouse the standard fee and then as soon as we were separated, he tripled the fee without due cause. His agreement was another gentleman’s paperwork with names scratched out and others written over top, and incorrectly. Ridiculous but, an early indicator of his level of professionalism. Greg Showers is a rip off artist. He’s big on BS and extremely poor when it comes to follow thru on agreed upon tasks, or achieving measurable results. He’ll promise you the world, and deliver nothing. We have requested 10 measurable items that are standard protocol with almost every legal case, and Greg failed to deliver on any single one request. Greg has continuously failed to return phone calls, follow up in writing, or document anything as it relates to case progress. Greg has turned our case into an absolute disaster, and accomplished nothing measurable in almost a year. We were forced to visit the courthouse to obtain our case information, and relevant updates. Doing so revealed his motions were refused by the court because they were incorrectly filed. From a professional standpoint Greg takes zero case file notes, has a devils advocate approach, has missed critical court appearances, he’s never prepared, and forgets most critical case related conversations. An intern would be more effective. He’s an absolute p*ssy in the courtroom. Greg Showers comes off as very insecure, and legally incompetent. As a result, the legal community doesnt respect him, and fails to respond to his legal requests. Greg is a poor and ineffective negotiator so expect to be hung out to dry with no help from your hired legal counsel if you make the critical mistake of retaining Greg Showers. The Court and State attorneys ultimately fail to respond to his motions, which in our case were incorrectly filed by Greg Showers due to improper case style, and proper legal format. At our prior to last hearing, Greg Showers failed to appear. And then at the next hearing, court personnel had to go looking for Greg for 30+ minutes. This is what you can expect if you hire Greg Showers. Greg Showers is untrustworthy, unresponsive, a liar. He will rip you off. If you are considering using this law firm, DONT DO IT. You are better off representing yourself. Better yet, get a reputable firm to manage your legal affairs. Greg Showers is possibly the worst service provider weve ever paid for, and our case isnt even over yet. It’s embarrassing hearing our attorney agrees that his service is poor, and admit he has failed to meet a single requirement. What can this man be thinking? Yet he refuses to refund of our monies. It makes us believe he’s been dropped by many clients other than ourselves… As an owner of multiple companies, we have 30+ years of experience hiring dozens of attorney firms to represent us in many areas of law, business practice, patents, trademarks, and Intellectual Property. Greg Showers is absolutely the worst representation we have experienced in 30+ years of business. BEWARE OF THIS ATTORNEY AND LAW FIRM… Beware of this attorney. In my professional opinion you’ll be ripped off like we were.

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