Kyrie Kenny, Michigan



I knew Kyrie for 9 months after meeting her at a pet store close to where I live in New Haven. Kyrie seemed nice, we hit it off and continued to date steadily. While dating she told me she was living with her parents. I thought nothing of it and accepted her living situation as the truth. As time went on I had asked on occasion to introduce me to her parents, but there was always some kind of excuse as to why I could not meet them. At this point in our relationship we had been intimate many times and I truly thought that I had a solid girlfriend. Moving forward I started noticing items of mine randomly disappearing in my house and car. Also at this time I noticed Kyrie”s emotions were really up and down. I started to become more and more skeptical about her. One particular evening she was at my house taking a shower and I went through her purse. I was surprised to find vicodin and xanex hidden in a tylenol bottle. When I confronted her about it, she became highly defensive and I caught her in multiple lies. Also a week later I caught her stealing money from my desk to support her drug habit. At this point I was growing more and more curious about Kyrie, I wondered what else she was hiding. So I did more investigating. At the end of digging up things about Kyrie I found out that she was actually married to a man named Alan, and they both were living together. It devastated me. If you see this woman do not let her into your life!! She is a drug using, manipulating, thieving, cheat!! She will use you for her drug habit, steal and cheat on you because she care about no one but herself.

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